ATLAS V AEHF lauching on Kennedy Space Center (Xem Phóng Phi Thuyền) Sept 18, 2013

ATLAS V AEHF lauching on Kennedy Space Center (Xem Phóng Phi Thuyền) at 4:10AM Sept 18, 2013

Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) is a series of communications satellites operated by the United States Air Force Air Force Space Command. The spacecraft will be used to relay secure communications for the Armed Forces of the United States, the British Armed Forces, the Canadian Forces and the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces. The system will consist of six spacecraft in geostationary orbits, of which two have been launched. AEHF will replace the older Milstar system and will operate at 44 GHz Uplink (EHF band) and 20 GHz Downlink (SHF band).[1]

AEHF spacecraft use a large number of narrow spot beams directed towards the Earth to relay communications to and from users. Crosslinks between the satellites will allow them to relay communications directly without the need to relay them to a ground station first. The satellites are designed to provide jam-resistant communications with a low probability of interception, and incorporate frequency-hopping. The spacecraft are equipped with phased array antennas that can adapt their radiation patterns in order to block out potential sources of jamming.

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Some selected pictures I took in that event, they are cropped and resized at 1280 pixel horizontal size for your iPhones or Smart Phone or internet display.

We are very lucky to be at a very good spot that is in Cape Canaveral Air Force Base about 2 km across the lake where the rocket platform is 🙂 I believe this is a shortest distance that non duty people like us can be on 🙂

The first picture was taken at about one hour before launching, since the poor light condition at 3:00AM and 2 km away from subject I have to set ISO at 6400 (64 times of normal film’s) , I have to do a trade off a aceptable noise for quality of a so called good picture.

The next 4 pictures were taken in first few seconds from Zero count down at 4:10AM Sept 18, 2013. Hopefully I do right at the first time. It is extremely difficult to set up for taking this kind of pictures, you have about 2 second window to NOT have a mistake 😦

I would like to say thanks to American tax payers and people who put in millions hard work hours for the stability of our country: The United States 🙂

Bạn hiền Việt Nam: mình sẽ bận vào tuần tới vì phải chở bà xã thăm vài người bạn vùng nam Florida chắc họ sẽ giử lại bù khú không cho về như dự định, sẽ viết lời Việt khi có dịp, tạm thời nghe khúc nhạc hài cho vui trong khi đọc 3 links sau và coi hình cho đở ghiền nghen ..

Một thiếu niên đạp xích lô ở Việt Nam trở thành khoa học gia nguyên tử ở Mỹ
Chàng trai Việt lau dọn vệ sinh trở thành nhà khoa học vệ tinh không gian của Mỹ
Cậu bé bán thuốc lá dạo ở VN trở thành nhà khoa học tài giỏi ở Mỹ



compare the rocket position with the antenna height of the first picture we know that the rocket was lifted off, so vị thế hỏa tiển với chiều cao cột ăng ten với hình trước thì ta ta thấy hỏa tiển mới vừa nhấc lên vài thước 🙂


higher – lên cao hơn 😉


little bit higher – lên cao hơn tí chút 😉


and higher higher .. after “few” slow seconds it fly up fast like … rocket 🙂  sau vài giây nó bay lên … lẹ như hỏa tiển hehe 😉

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cho đở mất thì giờ nghen 😉
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2 Responses to ATLAS V AEHF lauching on Kennedy Space Center (Xem Phóng Phi Thuyền) Sept 18, 2013

  1. Người Nam Bộ says:

    Chuyện Hà Nội ngập với chuyện phóng phi thuyền có ăn nhậu gì với nhau mà nhập chung với nhau? Thiệt là lãng xẹt!

  2. Mai says:

    Sao khg thay bai moi nua?

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