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6 Top WordPress Backup Plugin Recommendations

2. BackWPup
Plugin URL: Suggested by colleague Dan McGuire a seasoned WordPress Developer and ThinkVis Speaker and highly recommended by our very own expert Bastian Grimm – regular blogger and speaker with all things WordPress around the globe. Here are just some of the things they had to say:

“We’re heavily using BackWpUp since this one can also put your backups into Dropbox, G-Drive and other cloud storage services; Plus it has regular FTP backup options and such. Not talking about scheduling and the usual features. Also worth mentioning: It can basically back-up everything – including themes, uploads, plug-ins and whatever else you want it to do!” – Bastian Grimm – Founder and CEO of Grimm Digital
“I’ve used BackWPup for over 2 years now and I have yet to have any issues with it. I currently use Amazon S3 to store my daily backups, which I keep a week of, and Dropbox to store 1 backup per week just for ease of restore if needed. With such a wide array of backup locations, anyone should be able to backup any important areas of their website to a storage solution that suits them. And all of this for free. I couldn’t recommend it more.” – Dan McGuire – WordPress Developer

Simple to use
Schedule multiple backup operations
Choices of place to store your backups:
Amazon S3
Google Drive
Miscrosoft Azure
Rackspace Cloud
Control over what files/folders/database tables you backup
Simple restore

No warranty or support except via forums. This is true for most plugins except those you pay a monthly subscription for.

What it looks like:

BackWPup Screenshot
3. Backup
This one actually came out tops when searching for backup plugins on

Plugin URL:


Scheduling system for backups
Allow you to select what you want backing up
Can store backups on Google Drive or locally
Email notifications when an error occurs
Very easy to use

No options for Dropbox or Amazon S3 for backup storage
Reading reviews it has had a few bugs in the past
Costs: £FREE

What it looks like:

Backup WP Screenshot
4. WP-DB-Backup
A free On-demand backup of your WordPress database highly recommended by Rhys Wynne at 3 Door Digital as his “preferred free solution when backing up databases” Plugin URL:

“WP-DB is relatively easy to set up, and does work with most hosting providers. However it’s limitations are that it only backs up the database, rather than the entire site, and sometimes it struggles with larger databases. However, I use it for all my own sites.” – Rhys Wynne – 3 Door Digital

Very simple, low-impact script

Only backs up the database, no files
Is an old plugin that is no longer updated so may stop working with Word Press in the future
No option on where to store your backups
No support, even via forums
Costs: £FREE

What it looks like:

WP-DB Backup Screenshot
5. WP-DB Manager
Another suggestion from Seasoned SEO Consultant and WP Developer Dean Cruddace who uses WP-DB Manager as it emails a daily backup.

“This plugin is not as simple as some. Most people will head for the email daily back up option and that is not as straightforward as you would like it to be. It takes persistence to stick with this plugin but it is worth it” – Dean Cruddace, Freelance SEO Consultant
Plugin URL:


Emails Daily Backup
Automatic repair and optimisation of database
Can speed up website

It is not immediately apparent where to start with it.
Entry level is not basic & you need to have server access as it is not always plug and play
Costs: £FREE

What it looks like:

WP-DB-Manager Screenshot
6. BlogVault
Recommended by Sos team member Carla Marshall and Director of Sorbet Digital as a well supported web based service that is easy to use and affordable.

Plugin URL:


Free Trial
They take care of things so you don’t have to
Fast support response time
You can backup individual files
Easy blog migration