Duplicate, Save, Export, Import WordPress

Tools > Export/Import solved our “Back Up” “Clone/Duplicate” issue

On June 2, 2013 I tested TNF Export and Imported by C3XM successefully, all pages, posts and comments and attributes of documents are imported but the attribute of C3XM such as THEME, SITES NAMES, Appearance, Widget kept AS IS, it is good that is what we are looking for.

We can updated the “clone” sites from “main” site by PARTIAL Export:
Post: export by Categories, so cat C3XM and C6CC will be added to our system to our “main” site post
Pages: We can Partial export by Date or Status, we might temporary change status to suspend or draft etc so we can differentiate them with the unwanted export item
Comments: we can export comments only.

Keep in mind all we can do all above procedure on Desktop* web-based *.wordpress.com/wp-admin, (*) we need Desktop since we can have drive space to store the export files, we can not do export/import on iPad yet (except export/import we can do almost features on Safari *.wordpress.com/wp-admin)

I did try wampserver but it too much system dependence that few our desktop system in our home fail to WAMP LOCALHOST test, funny that our 32 bit w7 p4p800 and laptop fujitsu XP worked OK with WAMP, K50I must acronis it before successfully install WAMP

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